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So we have heard of gourmet: a connoisseur of good food; a person with a discerning palate.

But do we really give the gourmand, a person who enjoys eating and often eats too much, as much street cred...

The answer is NO, and why not? Perhaps the gourmet person projects a sophisticated, wine swirling attitude right down to the fancy suit or dress worn to dinner. They talk about the bites of a dinning experience. This appreciation of a morsel is wonderful, but it can sometimes feel exclusive. Food that is elevated to a bite could not possibly be a comfort or filling.

A gourmand worries less about the one moment of satisfaction and focuses on the overall joy that food brings every time you eat. Food is love in all its forms to the gourmand. 

Here at we are an inclusive group. A gourmand heading to the Quickmart for the elusive can of whipped cream to spray directly into a mouth or to add to a plateful of cookies is as welcome as the Gourmet searching the local farmers market for an obscure root. All food is comforting, taken as a bite or a mouthful. Anyone who can have a conversation only about food is a worthy friend

Well, my dear foodee friends, lets project that for the world to see, when we are at home, the grocery store, the farmers market or fast food restaurant. Declare what it really means to love food with an adorably funny food t-shirt.

With apparel alone, we can start those food conversations that are a balm to our soul. We can save the next contentious family gathering by talking about the inevitable marriage of peanut butter and jelly on a t-shirt. We all knew it was coming, but it is still swoon worthy for any food lover.

Proclaiming to the world you love food is important even when you are ordering a plate of $40.00 grass fed Kobe beef Hamburger and organic French Fries, you can feel proud wearing this cute t-shirt under your suit jacket.

Just because we want more than just a bite to talk about does not make gourmand any less important in the world of food.  

boulangerie and a baker will both agree that the perfect union of food is a freshly baked tray of cookies and a tall glass of milk. Next time you are elbow deep in sugar and butter make sure you are wearing a cute t-shirt proclaiming this love.

Now it is time more than ever for gourmands and gourmets to come together, to link arms and to rally cry for the gastronomically amazing world that is food! Adopt a food t-shirt. Wear it proud. Spread the love! 

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