Cat T-shirts

Cat T-shirts

What is it about the magnificent cat that just takes up so much space in our mind? We go to work thinking about them. We worry at school if they are happy. We spend our free time entertaining them. It's an obsession we can't quit, and I say won't quit. So let's celebrate it, people!

As I ponder cats and food come to mind.  Why do these two things just go together? Is it because you often find your cat on the counter involved in the food prep? Or is it because we just can't get enough of our cats!

Sadly, cats are not invited into most restaurants, and yes "they are so cute we could just eat them up," on a daily basis...ok that might have gotten weird. 

Well, if you can't stop from enjoying your cat or just want to wear a good cat pun shirt I have a few for you with this punny cat collection.


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