A Perfect Gift for the Sarcastic Introvert

A Perfect Gift for the Sarcastic Introvert

So we all have that difficult friend, lover, or relative that makes gift buying impossible. 

You know this person. They have particular tastes. There is nothing wrong with that; it makes it tricky to find those items. Once you find the perfect gift for them, you chat with them, mention the item they already bought, own it, or hate it. Thankfully return policies are in place for your convenience...lol.

So now you have resorted to the ever-so-personal gift card, a bottle of miscellaneous booze, or nothing at all. But wait, like all good infomercials, i.e., blogs, I have a solution for you, Nerd.blue!

The good news is this person (unless cared for by the state, even then I think it's a requirement) must wear clothes! Not all the time, but in pretty much all public settings, I know, but that greek island is an exception!

Here at Nerd.blue, we specialize in sarcastic, punny, nerdy, and incredibly esoteric t-shirts for your hard-to-buy person.

We understand that our time has come, and only now is the t-shirt entirely acceptable in all dressing situations. Lounging around on the weekend, heading to school or work, a wedding or funeral. Just add a jacket or cute skirt to that nerdy t-shirt, and you are ready to go. Not only does your gift look fantastic, but it will make people laugh with a silly statement t-shirt.

Ever-expanding beyond video games, science, books, and food, here at nerd. blue, we are always adding silly t-shirts for you so that your giftee won't be naked. Yup, you're welcome.

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